Business Process Management with FireStart

Automate and optimise your company processes

With Business Process Management from FireStart, professional process planning, intelligent workflow automation and sophisticated process analysis are combined in a uniform solution.

Manage your process documents, ressources and IT systems including meta data with the help of process modeling and map complex process maps and process models.

Afterwards, your process models can be converted into executable workflows and serrated with your existing IT systems. Workflow automation enables graphical mapping of the IT systems with the business process. Forms can be created in the Form Designer and connected with diverse data sources. With the aid of the connection wizard you can link your IT systems to use the data stored in your processes.

The process analysis gives you insights into the performance of the processes and enables you to evaluate workflows in real time and analyse process key data. Thereby you receive comprehensive internal control system.

Process Modelling

Document Business Processes

Intuitive editor

Transparent processes

Simple version management

Workflow Automation

Accelerate Business Processes

Low-Code Workflows

Mobile Applications

Flexibly adaptable processes

Process Analysis

Optimise Business Processes

Real-time analysis of processes

Tailored reports

Overview of key figures

Highlights of FireStart

Intuitive User Interfaces

User-friendly and fast creation of processes by drag-and-drop

Documentation of processes

Document processes with different standards like BPM and provide them for audits

Durable Processes

Persistence of processes through opportunitites for process governance and change management

No-Code Automation

Create powerful workflows without programming skills

Simple System Integration

Integration of all company applications into workflows

Outlook Integration

Incoming rasks and forms can be processed directly in the mailbox

With the BPM Suite of FireStart you can create your daily workflows more efficient and structured. The unique combination of processes and workflow management has already proven itself in numerous companies and helps them to sustainability improve their business activities. 

FireStart emphasis to user-friendliness, practicality and innovation. As Microsoft Partner of the year 2016 and multiple winner of BPM industry awards, FireStart convinced with its high usability system architecture.

Realise your BPM Solution with Halvotec and FireStart

Halvotec and FireStart share a common goal: providing customers simple and flexible solutions to cope with their digital challenges. With FireStart as solution provider for process optimisation and Halvotec as system integrator, you have a team at your side that accompanies you holisitically during the implementation of a BPM software.

We design unique solutions for you that are optimally aligned with the business processes of your company. In this way, you can transform manual workflows into powerful digital processes and get the maximum out of process efficiency.

With Halvotec to your Digital Workplace

Halvotec gladly supports you as a comprehensive service provider in the field of BPM with FireStart. Regardless of your existing IT systems, FireStart can be used as a comprehensive tool for the documentation, digitisation and evaluation of your processes.

The FireStart BPM platform can also be intergrated into Halvotec products, such as our portal solutions or our document management system. This is a big step towards a Digital Workplace.

In addition to improving collaboration, communication and the handling of documents and files, diverse processes within the company are optimised at the same time.